Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

These truffles are rich and decadent and perfect to give for a homemade valentine’s day gift!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles
  • Ganache:
  • 10 oz package of dark chocolate chips (at least 70%)
  • ½ cup peanut butter or almond butter
  • ¼ cup almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons organic shortening
  • Coating:
  • 3.5 oz dark chocolate bar (I used 86%)
  • liquid vanilla stevia (optional)
  • ¼ cup peanut butter chips (optional)
  1. In large glass bowl, microwave the chocolate chips in 15 minute intervals, stirring in between, until completely melted.
  2. In small saucepan, stir the almond milk, peanut butter and shortening until warmed through; should only take a minute or two.
  3. Slowly stir the peanut butter mixture into the melted chocolate until it's all combined.
  4. Cool in the fridge for about 3 hours.
  5. Roll into small balls using a spoon or melon baller and place onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
  6. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  7. Chop and melt the dark chocolate bar in the microwave; add liquid stevia if using.
  8. Dip the truffles into the melted chocolate with a fork and set back on baking sheet.
  9. If using, melt the peanut butter chips and drizzle over the truffles.


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